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Westside Blend

Westside Blend

A rich, full-bodied blend with notes of dark chocolate and caramel. Makes a very rad espresso, but can also stand on its own as your daily cup of drip, with or without milk. 

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And the name? It's an homage to time spent learning, growing, and having a damn good time at the best coffee shop there ever was, Octane West Side. RIP, sweet prince.

From time to time, the blend makeup will change. This is due to a myriad of factors inherent to the complex coffee supply chain. To put it simply, coffee is a seasonal agricultural product that is harvested, shipped and arrives at its destination in a somewhat fluid timeline. To address that, we are constantly planning ahead to make sure we have an awesome coffee with similar characteristics to replace the one that’s running out. 

Our current blend includes:

Gran Galope Colombia

La Coipa Community Peru

Santa Matilde El Salvador